16 Ways To Make Everybody In An Elevator Hate You

Congrats, you’re now the worst person ever.

1. Press the wrong floor button.

New Line Cinema / Via gifstumblr.com

Just say you meant to press floor 12 and hit floor 8 by “accident.” Then watch as everyone around you fills internally with rage.

ID: 1851697

2. Tell someone that the elevator is going down when it is really going up.

Hope they wanted a view of the top floor.

ID: 1851798

3. Make small talk.

Imagine Ent. / Via reddit.com

Or say something incredibly offensive that makes everyone hug the walls.

ID: 1854790

4. Hum, whistle, or sing.

Because everyone wants the “Macarena” stuck in their head all day, right?

ID: 1854900

5. Talk loudly on your phone.

Hey, anywhere you are is your own personal office space. You do you.

ID: 1854923

6. Jump.

Hahaha. It felt like the cable gave for a split second. Now everyone looks hilarious with their stupid scared faces.

ID: 1854951

7. Hit the door close button as someone is trying to get in.

HBO / Via hollywood.com

Got ‘em!

ID: 1854981

8. Sneeze like a beast.

It’s funny, because everyone will think they have the flu now but really you just have allergies. LOL.

ID: 1855713

9. Take up a lot of space.

What’s funny is that you aren’t even moving. You just like to be a dick.

ID: 1855786

10. Make out.

Because nothing sucks more than being forced to watch two people sloppily suck face in public.

ID: 1855867

11. Break personal space boundaries.

Jessica Dorsey / Via dixiesunnews.com

You could move, but why would you?

ID: 1855876

12. Eat.

Waiting to eat is for suckers. Bonus points if you take a seat and enjoy your damn self.

ID: 1856068

13. Pretend to be a ghost.

ROTFLMAO, jerks.

ID: 1856099

14. Stare.

I mean, how else are the other people in the elevator supposed to know you see them?

ID: 1856140

15. Either rip a loud fart…

20th Century Fox / Via fodrizzle.com

Nothing makes a stranger hate you more than forcing them to inhale your butt trumpet for three floors in an enclosed space, especially when you announce it with such aplomb.

ID: 1851634

16. … Or drop the silent but deadly bomb.

Nickleodeon / Via quickmeme.com

Then walk out like a boss, leaving the rest of the people in the elevator to suffer your wrath.

ID: 1856182

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