20 Things That Shouldn’t Be Terrifying But Totally Are

Why can’t life just be sunshine and puppy kisses?

1. Turning the lights off.

This is what I expect to see every damn time I switch off the lights.

ID: 2631014

2. The split second when you can’t find your wallet/keys.

“Where the hell could they — wait, found ‘em.”

ID: 2631955

3. Basements.

Joshua Offine / Via joshuahoffine.com

This is why that old bike pump down there will never again see the light of day.

ID: 2631054

4. Jack-in-the-boxes.


ID: 2631201

5. Shaving.

You are putting a SHARPENED BLADE to your SKIN with every stroke. Frightening.

ID: 2631270

6. Balloons unexpectedly popping.

Knowing that they will pop doesn’t mean that you’re ever ready for it.

ID: 2631348

7. Clowns.

Warner Home Video / Via eliasjdc.tumblr.com

Nothing weird here, just a creepy clown in the shower. Move along.

ID: 2631369

8. Toilets.

Vestron Video / Via agentsofguard.com

Forget the germs, what if something crawls out of it and gets your butt?

ID: 2631448

9. Instant biscuit cans.

Why is opening something so delicious like trying to stop a nuclear bomb from detonating?

ID: 2631484

10. Walking through spiderwebs.

Universal Pictures / Via reddit.com

If you don’t overreact then there is something wrong with you.

ID: 2631516

11. The deep end of the pool.

Or really any body of water where you can’t touch the bottom. And forget being in water at night with no lights. That’s when the feet grabbers come out.

ID: 2631676

12. Dentists.

Paramount Pictures / Via artvehicle.com

No matter how nice they are, there is something creepy about a person who decided to probe people’s mouths with sharp instruments for a profession.

ID: 2631704

13. Windows at night.

Rogue Pictures / Via thesireniccodex.blogspot.com

And that is why you leave the curtains shut.

ID: 2631763

14. Ventriloquist dummies.


ID: 2631781

15. Cotton swabs.


I guess I’m living with waxy ears for the rest of life now. Thanks, Girls!

ID: 2631835

16. Dolls.

The original uncanny valley.

ID: 2631920

17. Zoning out while driving.

Universal Pictures / Via quizzicalllama.wordpress.com

Your lizard brain terrifyingly getting you to where you need to be.

ID: 2631996

18. Caves.

They’re just big holes, what can possibly be so scary? Oh, yeah. Bats, wolves, serial killers, ancient burial grounds, bugs…

ID: 2632002

19. Mirrors.

OK, never doing anything ever again. Byeeeeee.

ID: 2632117

20. Needing to fart and not knowing if it will be loud.

Or worse, smell.

ID: 2632103

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