15 Girls Who Are Totally Stoked To Get Their First Skateboards

Because the world needs more half pints on half pipes.

1. The look of happiness.

ID: 3702709

2. Shreddin’ time?

ID: 3702719

3. All set and ready to rip.

ID: 3702725

4. Meta awesomeness.

ID: 3702729

5. Even Disney princesses know what’s up.

ID: 3702743

6. The family that skates together stays together.

ID: 3702757

7. You can’t get a smile like that with rollerblades.

J/K rollerbladers.

ID: 3702763

8. Because skating with friends is the best kind of skating.

ID: 3702782

9. Skateboard? Check. Determination? Double check.

ID: 3702786

10. It’s never too early to get them on a board, right?

ID: 3703165

11. Obvs, the best place to begin skating is in the skate shop.

ID: 3702796

12. This only proves that skating and dresses are not mutually exclusive.

ID: 3702799

13. Backyard skating like it’s no big deal.

ID: 3702848

14. Waiting to learn a backside noseslide, I’m sure.

ID: 3702862

15. I DIE.

ID: 3702754

Now get out there and start tearing it up!

Toy Machine / Via youtube.com
ID: 3702929

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