20 Problems Only People Who Can’t Hide Their Emotions Understand

No no no poker face, no no poker face.

1. First of all, you can never play it cool.

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2. Like, when someone tells you a secret this is your reaction.

Comedy Central / Via feyism.tumblr.com
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3. Poker face? LOL.

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4. The worst is when someone asks if what they’re wearing looks OK.

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5. Seriously though, when someone says something embarrassing it is hard to not react to it.

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6. When someone gives you awesome news you want to look like this.

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7. However, this is how you actually look.

ID: 3407749

8. While it’s the thought that counts, you can’t hide the fact that you just opened a crappy gift.

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9. Good luck hiding your frustration when someone does something to upset you.




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10. And forget trying to hide the fact you are grossed out by something.

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11. Everyone knows how you feel when you watch a scary movie.

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12. It’s never good when you’re asked what you think of someone’s new boyfriend/girlfriend.

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13. It’s even worse when you hear what they think of your significant other.

Paramount Pictures / Via mrs-somerhalders-gifs.tumblr.com
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14. Everyone around you always knows when you’re nervous.

NBC / Via reddit.com
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15. When you have big news it is a struggle not to go ahead and just give it away.

ID: 3410013

16. Being accused of having resting bitch face when really you just DGAF at that moment.

Colombia Pictures / Via sadisticallyawesome.tumblr.com
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17. Never being able to hide how bored you actually are.

ID: 3410180

18. Or how unimpressed you are with a joke.

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19. Trying not to laugh when you see someone fall.

ID: 3410194

20. Finally, you’re never able to silently judge someone without them noticing you.

ID: 3410065

Yet, as a wise man once said, “LOL whatever.” So you keep on doing you!

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