20 Hashtags Every Married Couple Needs


1. When you leave the house and realize you are both matching.

Flickr: evilerin / Via Creative Commons

2. When your friend has a birthday party at the old hangout.

Flickr: cgallent / Via Creative Commons

3. When you finally have the time to tackle all those chores.

Flickr: exalthim / Via Creative Commons

4. When you’re at your fourth wedding of the year.

Flickr: upheaval / Via Creative Commons

5. When your spouse tries a new recipe.

Flickr: jamesm / Via Creative Commons

6. When it’s sexy time.

Flickr: noort / Via Creative Commons

7. When one of you inevitably breaks the toilet.

Flickr: kittenstoe / Via Creative Commons

8. When you go out for Indian food.

Flickr: dgmckelvey / Via Creative Commons

9. When you visit your in-laws.

10. When you tell your friend you can’t make it to their game night because you already made plans.

Flickr: orangefan_2011 / Via Creative Commons

11. When another couple announces their pregnancy.

Flickr: dannylakeboy / Via Creative Commons

12. When your spouse makes a questionable purchase.

Flickr: eschipul / Via Creative Commons

13. When your budget is tight toward the end of the month.

Flickr: chrisandjenni / Via Creative Commons

14. When another couple asks you to go exercise with them.

Flickr: 14723335@N05 / Via Creative Commons

15. When you get dragged to your spouse’s office party.

Flickr: hgruber / Via Creative Commons

16. When your spouse won’t say where they want to go to dinner.

Flickr: stitch / Via Creative Commons

17. When you are both on a joint diet, but then cake shows up.

Flickr: orinrobertjohn / Via Creative Commons

18. When your spouse returns your car with an empty tank of gas.

Flickr: dmoola / Via Creative Commons

19. When your spouse critiques your outfit.

20. When people ask how long you think your marriage will last.

Flickr: upyourego / Via Creative Commons

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