20 Adorable TwitPics That Prove Ricky Gervais Is A Cat Lady

And you would be too, if you were the proud owner of Ollie — Gervais’ beautiful Siamese.

1. On the outside, Ricky Gervais is all acerbic wit and seeming hubris, but on the inside he’s a fluffy ball of Ollie-loving joy.

2. He even takes a pic before going to bed, so that he dreams of little kitties in mini hot-air balloons.

3. Not only does he love cats in his sleep, but he reveres them during the day.

4. He even thinks of himself as a dad to Ollie.

5. Just look at Ollie’s face. Pure love!

6. He doesn’t even mind getting upstaged by his little rascal.

7. He also knows the unspoken rules of living with a cat.

8. Really, he can’t get enough of Ollie.

9. Even her itty-bitty tooth gets attention.

10. Yeah, he knows what cats like best.

11. Again, it’s time to sleep and he still must take a pic. He’s obsessed!

13. Ollie has it so good in Casa Gervais, she just hangs like it’s no big thang.

14. Just go to sleep, already!

15. How about a little shout out to the ol’ U.S. of A. with a cat? Classic cat lady move.

16. Ricky and Ollie are such besties, that they don’t mind a little verbal jab here and there.

17. He had to get on the floor to take this pic. That’s just how much he loves her.

18. He also knows how to perfectly caption his photos.

Hahahaha. Ollie thinks that brush is a pillow.

19. He also makes up cute dialogue for Ollie.

Get it? They’re British!

20. Oh, Ricky, bless your cat-loving soul, you cat lady.

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