Why The Music Community On Vine Is The Best

Vineception is a trend where users layer their Vine with someone else’s. Check out the #SongCollab hashtag on Twitter and be amazed.

1. Like the name suggests, Vineception is when you feature a Vine video in another Vine video — a process that can go on forever.

How meta.

2. A user uploads a musical track for anyone to add their own layer to.

3. It’s a great tool for showcasing your incredible pipes, in just six seconds.

4. But you can also add the words to an original melody, making for an awesome virtual brainstorm.

5. The more people, the merrier, as you can create a three-part harmony to a song you all love.

6. If you feel a beat is missing, you can always just add one.

7. And if you’re not a singer, you can keep it simple with an instrumental jam session.

12. And so far, people have done some incredible things!

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