25 Things That Happen When Your Mom Visits You As An Adult

“Let’s clean up your room a little bit.”

1. You both hug like you haven’t seen each other in 20 years.


Which may or may not be too far off.

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2. And then she inspects you from head to toe.

Warner Bros. / Via a-ravenclaw-nerd.tumblr.com

If you’re wearing a shirt with a microscopic pizza stain on it, she will notice.

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3. She immediately has a good look around your room.

Disney / Via randar.com

Luckily, you cleaned up beforehand. Right? RIGHT?

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4. And, as predicted, she feels the need to help you “tidy up, just a little.”

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5. She questions some of your life habits, like what you eat and how late you go to bed.

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6. She also lightly critiques your posture.

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7. And your overall appearance.

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8. She quickly decides you MUST go shopping for new clothes, which she’ll of course pay for.

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9. And she has a detailed list of everything she wants to buy you.

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10. You plan to see all the pretty sights in your area that you never normally go to.

20th Century Fox / tracylord.tumblr.com

20th Century Fox / tracylord.tumblr.com

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11. And you slowly introduce her to your world and your adult life.

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12. But you stop doing your planned afternoon of sightseeing after 30 minutes because she’s too tired.

(And it’s kind of adorable.)

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13. She meets all your friends, and visibly gets a little nervous about it.

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14. And she takes them out to dinner because she wants everyone to be happy.

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15. You eat waaaay fancier food than you’re accustomed to, because she’s got the bill.

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16. And she makes sure you have plenty of food left over for after she goes home.

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17. Overall, you have some unusually low-key and enjoyable nights of staying in.

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You question why you don’t do that more often.

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18. And you feel like you can truly be yourself around her.

ID: 2752933

19. She gets as enthusiastic as you do about any recent developments in your love life.

Focus Features / Via vesperlynds.tumblr.com
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20. And she gives you the most honest advice you’ll ever get.

ID: 2753101

21. But she’s also there to listen to things you can’t tell anyone else.

ID: 2753009

22. And she shows you that she is always thinking about you.

ID: 2752500

23. Sure, she reminds you of the things you have to work on, but it’s only because she knows how great you can be.

ID: 2752569

24. You realize you have to keep even more in touch than ever before.

ID: 2754067

25. And you’re already planning her next visit.

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