19 Ways “The Fault In Our Stars” And “A Walk To Remember” Have Exactly The Same Plot

Imagine if you marathon-watched both.

1. To start off, both films involve two star-crossed lovers and one tries to warn the other not to fall for them.


Spoiler: It’s because they have cancer and don’t want to to hurt the other person.

2. But they find they are even more unhappy when not together, creating an impossible situation.

20th Century Fox



3. So they acknowledge their feelings once and for all.


4. And decide to move forward, despite the inevitable consequences.


5. Predictably, the result involves a LOT of tears.


6. But they decide to live for every moment and do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do.


Like get married or go to Amsterdam, for instance.

7. They spend a lot of time outdoors, via romantic picnics.


8. And they constantly stop and admire each other’s beauty.

Warner Bros.


9. They manage to be intimate in a non-sexual way.


Via slow dancing and subtle hand brushing!

10. Their first kiss is spontaneous (and in public) because they just couldn’t hold back their feelings anymore.


11. And their first real physical encounter is adorably awkward and impossibly endearing.


12. Besides the physical, though, they look beyond the present and see the larger picture.


13. They definitely don’t take everything literally.


Landon helps Jamie with her bucket list by getting her a fake tattoo and taking her to a border so she can be “in two places at once.” And Augustus has that whole cigarette thing.

14. Instead, they teach each other to be brave.


15. And they support each other when bad news strikes.



16. The people around them see their love as an incredible force.


17. Because, despite all odds, they see the beauty in their bond.


18. And, even with the pain, they’re eternally appreciative of the experience.


19. Because, thanks to the other person, they’ve changed for the better. And they’ll never forget them.


*cue crying forever* OK BYE

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