19 Ways “The Fault In Our Stars” And “A Walk To Remember” Have Exactly The Same Plot

Imagine if you marathon-watched both.

1. To start off, both films involve two star-crossed lovers and one tries to warn the other not to fall for them.


Spoiler: It’s because they have cancer and don’t want to to hurt the other person.

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2. But they find they are even more unhappy when not together, creating an impossible situation.

20th Century Fox


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3. So they acknowledge their feelings once and for all.

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4. And decide to move forward, despite the inevitable consequences.

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5. Predictably, the result involves a LOT of tears.

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6. But they decide to live for every moment and do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do.


Like get married or go to Amsterdam, for instance.

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7. They spend a lot of time outdoors, via romantic picnics.

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8. And they constantly stop and admire each other’s beauty.

Warner Bros.

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9. They manage to be intimate in a non-sexual way.


Via slow dancing and subtle hand brushing!

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10. Their first kiss is spontaneous (and in public) because they just couldn’t hold back their feelings anymore.

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11. And their first real physical encounter is adorably awkward and impossibly endearing.

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12. Besides the physical, though, they look beyond the present and see the larger picture.

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13. They definitely don’t take everything literally.


Landon helps Jamie with her bucket list by getting her a fake tattoo and taking her to a border so she can be “in two places at once.” And Augustus has that whole cigarette thing.

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14. Instead, they teach each other to be brave.

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15. And they support each other when bad news strikes.



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16. The people around them see their love as an incredible force.

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17. Because, despite all odds, they see the beauty in their bond.

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18. And, even with the pain, they’re eternally appreciative of the experience.

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19. Because, thanks to the other person, they’ve changed for the better. And they’ll never forget them.

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*cue crying forever* OK BYE

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