23 Symptoms Of Study Abroad Withdrawal

Spring semester folk: savor all of it.

1. You chronically miss having a group of friends to see and do everything with you at all times.

Back home, you still see each other, but your schedules are a lot busier and you’re not in Europe.

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2. You can’t stop gushing about everything you loved — to the point of being extremely annoying.


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3. And you keep up all the habits/lingo you picked up, no matter how obnoxious they may be to your friends.

You’re always “topping up” your Metrocard.

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4. People try to comfort you by telling you that your nostalgia is just a phase, which only makes you irrationally angry.

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5. You still listen to all the pop hits from when you went out dancing.

Clipper’s Sound / Via youtube.com

Who could forget the perfection that is “Loca People”?

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6. The fact that you can’t legally drink anymore keeps confusing and upsetting you.

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Most of us study abroad between the ages of 19 and 20, so going back to the states is ROUGH.

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7. You obsessively look for restaurants that will remind you of the amazing new food you ingested last semester.


You’d totally go on a pilgrimage to Park Slope for Chip Shop.

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8. Weekend road trips are much bigger priorities due to your newly awoken thirst for adventure.

Even if it’s just to the beach. NEW UNCHARTED TERRITORIES, AHOY!

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9. Your room is covered with all the knick-knacks you collected.

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Every postcard and trinket.

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10. And you have a newfound attachment to farmer’s markets, always hoping to find something beautiful.

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Even if it is just lentils.

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11. You complain about the exchange rate all the time and how everything was more affordable abroad.

Unless you were in London, in which case it’s a teeny but better to be home.

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12. You miss the short-lived-yet-satisfying flings with foreign strangers.

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Back home, it always gets messy but there? There was just something so je ne sais quoi about it all.

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13. Though, honestly, you’re probably still in love with someone from abroad because that time was magical.

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Ooh la la!

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14. You’ve Google Street View-ed your old dorm/campus.

And if you haven’t, you’re probably doing it now.

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15. And you try to take long, contemplative walks even though it’s just not the same.

It’s just better when the whole city is brand new to you.

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16. Even airplanes hold sentimental value.

(Even if you’re doing your usual LA-NY nightmare flight.)

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17. As do confusing maps.

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Who cares where you’re going if it’s a.) new and b.) in Japan?

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18. And — dare I say it — even rain.

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You just didn’t mind awful weather. In fact, rain romanticized everything even more.

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19. You EVEN miss being a total outsider.


You stood out, but you didn’t mind because it helped you make new friends.

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20. Most of all, you value all the self-exploration you did while abroad.

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Being in a foreign place makes you see a whole new side to yourself.

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21. And you’re slowly accepting that the high of study abroad can’t last forever.

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Oh, but if only!

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22. So you comfort yourself by watching tons of Netflix.

Miramax Films / Via jellymiemartin.tumblr.com

Seriously, how did you survive without it?

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23. And have already started planning your next trip back.

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