23 Reasons Shaun White Is The Perfect Valentine For You

There’s someone for everyone, except Shaun White. Shaun White is for everyone.

1. He has a great sense of humor.

ID: 2394323

2. In fact, he’s a downright goofball.

ID: 2395248

3. Yet he also has a sarcastic side.

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4. He cut his trademark long hair for charity.

ID: 2394956

5. And he has a heart of gold.

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6. HE WAS THE CUTEST KID (and conscious of the dangers of UV rays even as a child.)

Thumbs up for skin care! #yourdailyPSA #FlashbackFridays #nowrinklesforthisguy

— Shaun White (@shaun_white)
ID: 2394309

7. He’s the guitarist of a successful band.

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

It’s called Bad Things and they played at Lollopalooza AND just released their debut album.

ID: 2394244

8. And he keeps in shape!

He exercises pretty regularly.

ID: 2395408

9. He dresses his dog up in amazing clothes and then takes photos of them, to share with you.

Looks like someone went through my closet again

— Shaun White (@shaun_white)
ID: 2394304

10. And he just left this for you on his YouTube channel.

ID: 2395041

11. He’s such a free spirit.

I want to ride my bicycle #iwantoridemybike #biiiiicycle @Shinola

— Shaun White (@shaun_white)
ID: 2394881

12. And he gets really into the holidays.

Michael Buckner / Getty Images
ID: 2394190

13. He looks flawless in a tux.

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images
ID: 2394213

14. But he’ll give any outfit a chance.

Last night... Hangin with the boys!! Haha #Queen #sigfriedandroy

— Shaun White (@shaun_white)
ID: 2395078

15. He tweets photos like this:

......whelp I think I'll let you caption this one. #allwhiteeverything #onelook!?!

— Shaun White (@shaun_white)
ID: 2394260

16. And this:

Giving thanks for the best fans a man could ask for!! #gobblegobble #sofull

— Shaun White (@shaun_white)
ID: 2395050

17. (umpfh)

Whatcha lookin at? #roughnight #canihelpyou #didyoubringpizza #itmightbeawig

— Shaun White (@shaun_white)
ID: 2395171

18. He’s so outdoorsy!

Are we gonna fit? #glamping #realtalk #rockythree #campnowhere

— Shaun White (@shaun_white)
ID: 2395181

19. He’s man enough to chill (no pun intended) in a tub of ice.

Back-to-back competitions are grueling...Steve gets it. Snapped on my @GoPro

— Shaun White (@shaun_white)
ID: 2395448

20. But he’s also totally into defying gender norms, yo.

It's a dinglehopper. Humans use these little babies... to straighten their hair out. Snapped on my @GoPro

— Shaun White (@shaun_white)
ID: 2395268

21. He’s a total foodie.

Breakfast for dinner........ #fatkid #wheninvegas #winnerwinnerchickendinner #oakleysneakpeak

— Shaun White (@shaun_white)
ID: 2395130

22. And he’ll go towel-shopping with you and pick the best ones.

#elvislives on my towel #memphis

— Shaun White (@shaun_white)
ID: 2395157

23. Most importantly, he cherishes the time he spent with Oprah, so he’s perfect.

#TBT That time @Oprah and I hung out. #awesome #memories

— Shaun White (@shaun_white)
ID: 2395095

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