23 Reasons Shaun White Is The Perfect Valentine For You

There’s someone for everyone, except Shaun White. Shaun White is for everyone.

1. He has a great sense of humor.

2. In fact, he’s a downright goofball.

3. Yet he also has a sarcastic side.

4. He cut his trademark long hair for charity.

5. And he has a heart of gold.

6. HE WAS THE CUTEST KID (and conscious of the dangers of UV rays even as a child.)

Thumbs up for skin care! #yourdailyPSA #FlashbackFridays #nowrinklesforthisguy

— Shaun White (@shaun_white)

7. He’s the guitarist of a successful band.

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

It’s called Bad Things and they played at Lollopalooza AND just released their debut album.

8. And he keeps in shape!

He exercises pretty regularly.

9. He dresses his dog up in amazing clothes and then takes photos of them, to share with you.

Looks like someone went through my closet again

— Shaun White (@shaun_white)

10. And he just left this for you on his YouTube channel.

11. He’s such a free spirit.

I want to ride my bicycle #iwantoridemybike #biiiiicycle @Shinola

— Shaun White (@shaun_white)

12. And he gets really into the holidays.

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

13. He looks flawless in a tux.

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

14. But he’ll give any outfit a chance.

Last night... Hangin with the boys!! Haha #Queen #sigfriedandroy

— Shaun White (@shaun_white)

15. He tweets photos like this:

......whelp I think I'll let you caption this one. #allwhiteeverything #onelook!?!

— Shaun White (@shaun_white)

16. And this:

Giving thanks for the best fans a man could ask for!! #gobblegobble #sofull

— Shaun White (@shaun_white)

17. (umpfh)

Whatcha lookin at? #roughnight #canihelpyou #didyoubringpizza #itmightbeawig

— Shaun White (@shaun_white)

18. He’s so outdoorsy!

Are we gonna fit? #glamping #realtalk #rockythree #campnowhere

— Shaun White (@shaun_white)

19. He’s man enough to chill (no pun intended) in a tub of ice.

Back-to-back competitions are grueling...Steve gets it. Snapped on my @GoPro

— Shaun White (@shaun_white)

20. But he’s also totally into defying gender norms, yo.

It's a dinglehopper. Humans use these little babies... to straighten their hair out. Snapped on my @GoPro

— Shaun White (@shaun_white)

21. He’s a total foodie.

Breakfast for dinner........ #fatkid #wheninvegas #winnerwinnerchickendinner #oakleysneakpeak

— Shaun White (@shaun_white)

22. And he’ll go towel-shopping with you and pick the best ones.

#elvislives on my towel #memphis

— Shaun White (@shaun_white)

23. Most importantly, he cherishes the time he spent with Oprah, so he’s perfect.

#TBT That time @Oprah and I hung out. #awesome #memories

— Shaun White (@shaun_white)

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