22 Reasons “House Of Cards” Is The Only Valentine You Need

“Everything is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power.” (Season 2 comes out on Valentine’s Day.)

1. For starters, it is ALWAYS there for you.

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Unless you have bad internet :(

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2. And you certainly won’t have to worry about flakiness — the date has been set for months, and it’ll be special.

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3. It has so much to give — 13 episodes, to be exact.

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4. Yet it never fails to keep you craving more.

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5. You won’t have to think about any future plans, because the moment is now.

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6. And you certainly won’t have to think about anyone else. It’s just you two.

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7. It is best enjoyed in a dark room and under the covers ;)

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8. And it’ll keep you up all night, for sure.

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9. And what feels better than its warm, laptop touch grazing your lap?

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10. It is wonderfully mysterious.

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11. It isn’t afraid to embrace its dark side a little.


JK, a lot.

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12. And it’s always up for challenging gender roles.

ID: 2424026

13. It’ll serenade you with poetic soliloquies.

ID: 2424574

14. And it’ll charm you with its wit.

ID: 2424800

15. It’ll redefine flirtatious dialogue.

ID: 2424898

16. But it’ll also be down to drop all pretenses.

ID: 2424964

17. And just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, it’ll surprise you.

ID: 2424819

18. Sure, its not always super lovey-dovey.

ID: 2424677

19. In fact, it can sometimes shock you with its snippiness.


Ohhhh SNAP.

ID: 2424882

20. But it definitely has its moments of tenderness.

ID: 2424737

21. It’s romantically subtle.

ID: 2424999

22. And it’ll always greet you warmly upon your return.

Netflix / Via youtube.com
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