15 Intense Fears Every Intern Has

“Will I die here?”

1. “Am I allowed to chime in at this meeting?”

AMC/Mad Men / Via

What if you say something stupid? What if they all remember that you’re just some kid?

2. “Can I ask for something to do?”

HBO/Veep / Via

You have no assignments, but are you annoying your supervisor to the point of no return?

3. “How will I find my way back to the office after this errand?”

20th Century Fox/The Devil Wears Prada / Via


4. “What should I talk about with my coworkers?”

NBC/The Office

NBC/The Office


Everyone is 8+ years older, what do you even talk about? Tax return forms? Kids?

5. “Does my boss secretly hate me?”


You’re always trying to decipher the delicate subtext in their speech.

6. “Will they fire and blacklist me if I fail this task?”

NBC/Parks and Recreation

NBC/Parks and Recreation


Everything depends on you.

7. “When can I take lunch? For how long? Can I go outside?”

Comedy Central/Workaholics / Via

Can…can you eat?

8. “Should I try and mingle at company events?”

20th Century Fox/The Devil Wears Prada / Via

Are you even allowed to be here? DOES ANYONE CARE?

9. “Is my whole career just going to be me doing busy work?”

20th Century Fox/Office Space / Via

Your BA in English = licking envelopes and filling out spreadsheets forever, sorry.

10. “Can I check my phone/Facebook for a second???”

Columbia Pictures/The Social Network / Via

If you feel lucky. Do ya???

11. “Am I allowed to say ‘no’ when asked if I ‘want’ to do something?”

20th Century Fox/Office Space / Via

“Do you want to reorganize our entire directory?” “Well…”

12. “Should I stay late? Am I allowed to leave?”

Fox Searchlight Pictures/500 Days of Summer / Via

No one said you could leave.

13. “Can I participate in Secret Santa?”

NBC/The Office

NBC/The Office


When they say everyone should participate, does that include lowly interns?

14. “Do they have a favorite intern?”

20th Century Fox/The Heat / Via

Your supervisor smiled at the other intern and not you. This means war?

15. “Will I get a job?”

Objective Productions/Peep Show / Via

Is the anxiety all worth it?

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