21 Crazy Craigslist Confessions That Prove Anything’s Possible In This Mad World

More than just missed connections.

1. There are the clever entrepreneurs:

I sell my worn underwear on Craigslist

4. And the people who know what they want:

A rando from Craigslist just gave me the best orgasm of my life.

7. Even if it falls into a moral gray area:

I'm addicted to hooking up with people on craigslist and I have a boyfriend

10. Some embrace a new Craigslist experience:

My friend posted my number on Craigslist as a joke. I ended up meeting up with one of the guys who responded.

12. Others become a little more skeptical:

My craigslist casual encounter had wanted posters of himself on the back of his bedroom door.

15. Some are there for experiences that could only happen on Craigslist:

I secretly read the craigslist personals only to see if I recognize anyone's sexual parts.

19. And some sad saps have their days ruined because of CL:

I just caught my boyfriend looking for "Pregnancy Risk Play" hookups on Craigslist.

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