20 People Ruining Halloween For Everyone

All signs point to their true feelings.

2. The Detailed Explanation:

4. The Politically-Relevant:

7. The (Dubious) Preacher:

Halloween might be a sin, but CANDY???

9. The Very Honest:

Now if you only had BOTH.

10. The Tonally-Fluctuating:

Sorry — but go away — but enjoy your Halloween!

11. The Pop Culture Savvy:

Family Guy does NOT need to take the fall for this.

12. The Dog Shamer:

Dogs don’t eat chocolate, everyone knows that!

13. The Nostalgic:

Suggested revision: Sorry kids, no candy here: I only have DD munchkins.

14. The Grammatically-Impaired:

15. The Microsoft Office Wizard:

Look at that thoughtful clip art and gradient lettering!

17. The Artist:

So colorful and yet so cruel!

18. The Kind Neighbor:

Fox Broadcasting Company/Arrested Development / Via vampirediaries.wikia.com

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