This Is What A “Heightened Police Presence” Looks Like In Boston

I walked around the Boston Marathon crime scene for 15 minutes and counted every police and National Guard officer within sight.

Jessica Testa

A stretch of the marathon route, blocked off by Boston Police.

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At a press conference Tuesday, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick said that Boston residents “should expect a continued, heightened police presence” as local and federal investigators continue working to identify who was responsible for the marathon explosions that killed three and wounded 176. But for Boston residents living or working near Copley Square, what does that presence look like?

I walked through the 12-block zone for about a half-mile, starting at the Copley Center — about two blocks south of the explosion site — and ending at the Arlington and Boylston memorial — five blocks east of the explosion site.

During those 15 minutes, I saw…

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1. At least 30 National Guard members.

Jessica Testa
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Jessica Testa
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Jessica Testa
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2. Two Boston Police Department SWAT vehicles.

Jessica Testa
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3. Three BPD cars.

Jessica Testa
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4. Two BPD SUVs.

Jessica Testa
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5. Two FBI Emergency Response Team agents.

Jessica Testa
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6. One Boston Fire Department truck.

Jessica Testa
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7. Two Massachusetts State Police trucks.

Jessica Testa
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8. At least 12 unmarked police cars.

Jessica Testa
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9. One huge trailer for the Massachusetts State Police Incident Command.

Jessica Testa
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10. At least 24 BPD officers.

Jessica Testa
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Jessica Testa
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Jessica Testa
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12. One BPD Special Operations Unit van.

Jessica Testa
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13. One BPD Special Operations Unit armored truck.

Jessica Testa
ID: 1080865

14. Six MSP cars.

Jessica Testa
ID: 1080869

15. And one officer guarding a medical tent.

Jessica Testa
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