The 21 Funniest Athlete Tweets Of 2012

A distrusting baby, some mind-blowing facts, and general weirdness.

1. A baby didn’t trust JaVale McGee.

ID: 751206

2. The economy hit Kevin Love.

ID: 751209

3. Logan Morrison pointed out the one thing MLB wunderkind Bryce Harper couldn’t do.

ID: 751210

4. JaVale got a pet.

This ended up being a “hoax” JaVale played on the media, but we’ll never forget platypus #swag.

ID: 751208

5. Tony Allen’s mind was blown.

ID: 751211

6. No really. Tony Allen’s mind was blown.

ID: 751212

7. Roy Hibbert did some reporting on Chris Mullins’ ringtone.

ID: 751213

8. Metta World Peace asked the big questions.

Note: This tweet was later deleted for some strange reason.

ID: 751214

9. Deron Williams caught Coach K doing yoga.

ID: 751215

10. Chris Kluwe got political.

ID: 751216

11. Chad Johnson got real.

ID: 751217

12. Lolo Jones developed some new track techniques.

ID: 751218

13. LeBron James revealed that only one man knows how he feels.

ID: 751219

14. Brandon McCarthy made the best of his serious medical situation.

A line drive hit McCarthy in the head in September.

ID: 751220

15. Brett Anderson confused Manny Ramirez.

ID: 751221

16. TJ Lang vented his replacement ref-induced frustration.

ID: 751688

17. Kris Humphries made light of his Rajon Rondo-inflicted scratches.

ID: 751223

18. Kameron Loe made a pretty solid Cubs joke.

ID: 751222

19. Ricky Rubio learned a new word.

ID: 751247

20. Stephen Jackson introduced a grateful nation to the phrase “he aint bout dis life.”

Note: He later, probably wisely, deleted this tweet.

ID: 751690

21. Arian Foster got deep.

ID: 751224

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