22 Grumpy People Who Are Definitely Not Thankful This Thanksgiving

Instead of turkey and stuffing, these grumps are telling the world to STFU. Inspired by Parks and Rec writer Joe Mande’s incredible Twitter experiment. posted on

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As you enjoy your gut-stuffing meal and reflect on the little joys of life, say a prayer for these people. Or, just be extra thankful they’re not ruining your dinner.


I'm not thankful for shit. Fuck this family! They can ALL go straight to hell!


I ain't thankful for shit I hope everyone has a shitty thanks giving and I hope your turkey is dry as fuck


I fucking hate this holiday. I'm not thankful for shit. Judge me if ya want but I don't give a flying fuck.


parents bought WHEAT-THINS instead of TRISCUITS so im not thankful at all


im not gettin my dick pulled or sucked on at this exact moment so I ain't thankful for SHIT


I'm not thankful for shit right now beCAUSE MY SIMS SLEPT THROUGH WORK & NOW THEYRE FIRED


I ain't thankful for shit. I'm gonna be how the Native American Indians should've been---SELFISH.


I ain't thankful for shit this year has been shity ass fuck since school started and everything has gone to shit but I don't care anymore (:


The fuck people cook so many damn vegetables for I ain't thankful for that shit ion eat that shit


I'm not thankful for being forced to go to some random ass house cuz my mom is too fucking lazy to make food here.


One thing I am not thankful for is chemistry... I hope you realize that Chemistry!!! You are the worst! Even though I wanna be a chemist...


I am NOT thankful for @YouTube. These ads constantly loading on the side of the page are REALLY making me angry. #VideosWillNotPlaySmoothly

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