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The 20th annual Honfest in Baltimore, Md. happened over the weekend. Welcome to Bawlmer, hon!

This year marked the 20th anniversary of Honfest, one of Baltimore’s coolest summertime traditions.

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Honfest is held every year in the Hampden area of Baltimore.

Or as some locals call it, “Bawlmer.”

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Hampden is a quiet residential neighborhood. During Honfest its populated by princesses and their ferrets …

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… rockabilly weirdos …

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… and, of course, Hons.

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What’s a Hon, you ask?

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Hons are a Baltimore subculture originating in white working class areas during the 1950s and 60s. The word is short for “honey.” Filmmaker John Waters’ entire catalogue is basically a love letter to Hon culture.

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Hons generally have beehive hairdos. The bigger, the better obviously.

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Hons are very fond of housecoats, particularly brightly colored ones.

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Wearing hair curlers, sometimes made from beer cans, is a thing …

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… as is leopard print.

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Seriously. They love leopard print.

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there are adorable little Hons …

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… and Hons with fashionable parasols.

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If Hons had their own state, Pink Flamingos would be their state bird.

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Hons are very patriotic.

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They REALLY love America.

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But Hons don’t love anything more than their hairspray.

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Honfest draws Hon lovers from around the country every year.

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Obviously, there are dancing Hons.

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… and of course, lots of booty shaking Hons!

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Everybody gets dressed up and looks amazing

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This Ravens superfan has so much swagger, even Elvis is stunned.

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Mustachioed swag.

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Past Best Hons are on hand and looking fabulous.

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Even the dogs get into the act at Honfest

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There are musical Hons rockin’ out.

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It’s Baltimore, so everybody rocks the brown paper bag coozie.

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The Hons that publicly drink 40s in a paper bag together, stay together, you guys!

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There’s street food of course. Hons LOVE funnel cake!

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And Pit Beef, a specialty of Baltimore that is absolutely delicious.

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No street festival worth its weight is complete without a Glamour Lounge.

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Check out these Hons gettin’ their beehives did!

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But the big event during Honfest is the annual Best Hon competition, which features dozens of the most amazing Hons in the country.

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There’s a talent competition which is amazing.

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Some Hons play musical instruments.

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Others provide tips for dressing your favorite Maryland Blue Crab stuffed animal like a Hon.

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And some shower the crowd in Natty Boh, which everyone knows is the beer of choice for all Hons.

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Meet Stacy Hurley, a Baltimore native and this year’s winner of the Best Hon competition! She learned her Hon kungfu from her mother and grandmother.

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Asked what makes a good Hon, Hurley said, “Personality, the love of Baltimore, having a good temporary accent … being able to bring people together.”

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And why should you want to be a Hon? “Because we’re awesome, Hon, and we look beautiful all the time, and we’re pretty, Hon!”

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Basically, Hons are beautiful, hilarious folks who’re super friendly and love to have a good time.

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And trust Santa, even if they’re being naughty, every Hon is still really nice!

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See ya next year, Hon!

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