How Awesome Are You?

Quantify your awesomeness.

  1. Check all that apply.
    1. I think I’m awesome.
    2. Other people think I’m awesome.
    3. At least one person besides me definitely thinks I’m awesome.
    4. Three or more people think I’m awesome (I asked them).
    5. I look awesome.
    6. I feel awesome.
    7. I just did an awesome thing.
    8. I’m about to do an awesome thing.
    9. I have done an awesome thing at least once in my life.
    10. I will probably do something awesome before the day is through.
    11. I do awesome things all the time.
    12. I exist inside an area known as The Awesome Zone.
    13. I say awesome things.
    14. I’ve done something dumb that turned out to be surprisingly awesome.
    15. I’ve done something I expected to be awesome and in the end it WAS awesome.
    16. The awesome police should arrest me and put me in awesome jail.
    17. I’m already in awesome jail.
    18. I have a life sentence in awesome jail.
    19. Some people don’t think I’m awesome and then I surprise them by being awesome.
    20. I leave a trail of awesome wherever I go.
    21. I exist in a pool of my own awesomeness.
    22. I’m at risk for being too awesome.
    23. I’m worried my awesomeness is contagious.
    24. I know for a fact that I am awesome.
    25. Awesome.

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