25 Totally Excruciating Silicon Valley Problems

The struggle is real.

1. Losing your drone:

2. When your neighbor doesn’t understand that you’re trying to PIVOT right now.

4. Deciding which two Segways to take out for your morning stroll.

5. Coming up with a fresh #meme for your Bitcoin billboard.

6. When someone’s parked in YOUR space:

7. Forgetting to mine before you dine:

8. This:

9. Not knowing you got Zucked:

11. When not all walls are writeable.

12. Snagging the inspirational vanity plate of your dreams.

14. Deciding whether to save your VC money or spend it on prom.

15. Picking out the perfect set of binary code window decorations:

16. Choosing the right bumper sticker for your parents.

17. Getting the perfect creepshot of your fellow diners:

18. Deciding which color of hybrid to buy.

19. When all the charging stations are being used by LESSER hybrids:

20. Being in a city that doesn’t even Uber.

21. Figuring out which shack to buy with your millions.

22. Expressing yourself with your own iHorse.

24. Trying to make your Honda fit in:

25. Drowning in money you make by selling people different money.

Until you’re not.

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