The 39 Most San Francisco Things That Ever Happened

I love you, S.F., never change.

1. This poetry hotline:

3. This family’s bumper stickers:

4. This app that buys weed for you:

5. This taxpayer-funded penis mascot:

7. This photo service:

9. The tribute to this mountain lion’s spirit:

11. This Cookie Monster smoking a joint:

12. This man who dyed his poodle to match his beard:

13. This girl being photobombed by naked bystanders:

14. This McDonald’s hater:

17. This person’s license plate:

18. This section of the SFO airport:

19. This opinionated car:

20. This guy working on his Ph.D., I guess:

21. This person walking a chicken:

22. These cows occupying a cheeseboard:

23. This Trader Joe’s in Silicon Valley:

24. This license plate:

25. These candy dispensers:

26. This busking dog:

27. This horse cheerleader:

28. This guy riding the muni:

29. This store/event space:

30. This helpful service:

31. This street where non-Priuses are maybe illegal:

33. This peep riding a Big Wheel:

34. This hotel lamp doing double duty:

35. This Berkeley man:

37. This cool dachshund playing guitar:

39. This pink gorilla wearing a leash:

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