The 27 Most Passive-Aggressive Things That Ever Happened

I’m sorry you feel that way.

2. This Wi-Fi fight:

3. This license plate:

4. This toilet paper roll dispute:

5. This laundry battle:

6. This delightful roommate note:

9. This man who paid a $137 parking ticket entirely in ones…that he stuffed into doughnut boxes.

10. This newsletter item:

11. This doormat:

12. These brownies:

13. This keyboard, rearranged by a coworker:

14. This office dishes battle:

16. This gift bag:

18. This parchment paper:

19. This loving wedding note:

20. This fortune with scare quotes:

21. This note in response to a note:

22. This McDonald’s ad:

24. This Pizza Hut app:

25. These decorated Sharpies:

26. This sign at McDonald’s:

27. This pleasant cookie warning:

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