"Sparrow Face" Is The New Duck Face

BREAKING: Selfies will never be the same again.

1. This is duck face. It’s soooo 2012.

2. The latest selfie trend is the so-called “sparrow face.” It’s already hot in Japan.

3. To achieve the coveted “sparrow” look, open your eyes wide and part your mouth slightly, “like you’re a baby bird waiting” for a tasty worm.

4. According to Kotaku, the Japanese term for “sparrow face” is “chun-gao” (チュン顔). “Chun” refers to “chun chun” (チュンチュン), which means “chirp” or “cheep.” “Gao” (顔) means “face.” So, literally it’s “chirp face.”

8. According to an article in this magazine, the look makes you appear “goody-goody” and “cute like a girl.”

14. Here is a real sparrow for comparison:

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