Going Out In College Vs. Going Out Now

I think I’m gonna call it a night. I had the LONGEST day.

1. Walking into your college bar:

ID: 1163429

2. Walking into the bar now:

ID: 1614428

3. Party timeline in college: 11 p.m. until WHENEVER!!!1!!!

ID: 1614700

4. Now: Dude, that’s so late though.

ID: 1614743

5. Watching your friend do body shots in college:

ID: 1594021

6. Watching people do body shots now:

ID: 1593984

7. Your going-out strategy, college:

ID: 1610251

8. The point of going out now:

ID: 1610220

9. College: The more crowded the bar, the better!

ID: 1610322

10. Now: But how are you supposed to HEAR?

ID: 1610307

11. In college: bragging about how many drinks you had.

ID: 1615114

12. Now: bragging about how you were in bed before midnight.

ID: 1615136

13. Hitting on people at college bars:

ID: 1614960

14. Hitting on people now:

ID: 1614950

15. How you felt about bar bathrooms in college: whatever.

ID: 1593872

16. Going into a gross bar bathroom now:

ID: 1614662

17. Your drink of choice in your college days:

ID: 1610243

18. Your drink of choice now:

ID: 1610262

19. If a college bar didn’t have food: more room for alcohol!

ID: 1610305

21. Doing Jäger shots in college:

ID: 1610298

22. Drinking Jäger now:

ID: 1610254

23. How you felt about going to a trendy bar in college:

ID: 1614784

24. How you feel at a trendy bar now:

ID: 1614758

25. At the end of the night, college era:

ID: 1614403

26. At the end of your night now:

ID: 1163425

27. The next morning in college: reflecting on how epic it was.

ID: 1614940

28. The next morning, now:

ID: 1614862

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