43 Reasons Why Growing Up In Florida Was Paradise On Earth

Two words: FUN NOODLES.

1. You learned to swim before you could walk.

ID: 896479

2. You were brought up correctly into the true religion of Publix subs.

ID: 896484

3. And you got free cookies at the Publix bakery just because you were a kid!

ID: 896520

4. By now, the Stingray Shuffle is second nature.

ID: 896501

5. Your driving test was a joke, and you probably didn’t even have to parallel park.

ID: 896487

6. And you NEVER had to drive in the snow.

ID: 896488

7. Hurricanes don’t even make you flinch.

ID: 896482

8. Field trips to the swamp were actually kind of cool.

ID: 896486

9. School footwear:

ID: 896491

10. Going-out footwear:

ID: 896492

11. Dressy footwear:

ID: 896493

12. You could spend hours in one of these.

ID: 896495

13. This was your winter coat.

ID: 896496

14. Two words: FUN NOODLES.

ID: 896478

15. You didn’t have to be rich to have a pool.

ID: 896497

16. Hurricane days!

ID: 896499

17. You petted one of these on a field trip.

ID: 896500

18. You got to go to Disney Grad Nite. (RIP)

ID: 896559

19. After every wave, you knew you got to watch the coquinas bury themselves in the sand.

ID: 896502

20. Every Friday and Saturday night: the outdoor mall and a movie.

ID: 896540

21. You knew exactly where you and your friends could hang out until late at night.

ID: 896508

22. You conquered the Montu.

ID: 896665

23. Slow drivers don’t faze you, because you’re used to going 30 behind a huge Cadillac with Ohio plates.

ID: 896509

24. Got a date? You knew exactly where to go.

ID: 896515

25. An acceptable dinner:

ID: 896577

26. You got to spend most of third grade learning about these.

ID: 896517

27. You didn’t have to wear a big coat over your Halloween costume…because it was still 90 degrees outside.

ID: 896523

28. You got used to these just chilling everywhere.

ID: 896593

29. Learning to plot hurricanes was an actual elementary school lesson.

ID: 896521

30. Every school pizza party:

ID: 896588

31. You got to freak northern people out by revealing you’d never seen snow.

ID: 896548

32. You laughed when people bought these at shell stores, because you already have a bunch you found (already dead, of course).

ID: 896525

33. Shell stores.

ID: 896526

34. You and your family knew EXACTLY which side you were on.

ID: 896528

35. You knew you didn’t need snow to make it *feel* like Christmas.

ID: 896524

36. You had a drawer for your regular shorts and a drawer for your nice shorts.

ID: 896534

37. This was your family’s idea of a good time.

ID: 896529

38. Someone you knew had one of these in their yard.

ID: 896535

39. It takes a REALLY big bug to gross you out after growing up with lizards, dragonflies, snakes, alligators, and fire ants.

ID: 896592

40. You could play outside all year round.

ID: 896536

41. You’re tough with burns, because you’ve touched one of these after it sat in a Florida parking lot for hours.

ID: 896537

42. You were always tan, just from walking to and from your house.

ID: 896546

43. And of course, the best part about being a Florida kid:

ID: 896551

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