29 Things Only People From The Midwest Understand

“Soda”? LOL, OK.

1. That cornhole is a very serious sport requiring Olympic-level athleticism.

ID: 1075921

2. Why Steak ‘n’ Shake is the greatest restaurant in the world.

ID: 1075924

3. Actually talking to your neighbors.

ID: 1075946

4. That driving in this is a piece of cake.

ID: 1076377

5. That the only way to measure distance is by hours.

ID: 1077592

6. Why this man is truly God in the flesh.

ID: 1075972

7. That Caribou Coffee beats Starbucks ANY DAY.

ID: 1076445

8. Why you cannot remain Switzerland in this situation. You must choose.

ID: 1075989

9. That Friday is fish fry night. Always.

ID: 1076020

10. The difference between pretty farmland and boring farmland.

ID: 1076394

11. …and the good malls and the bad malls.

ID: 1076483

12. That hotdish doesn’t just mean a “warmed-up plate.”

ID: 1076024

13. That it took you forever to realize that not ALL girls wear this to the mall.

ID: 1076035

14. That lakes are the absolute best thing to swim in.

ID: 1076995

15. Getting lost. Getting very, very lost.

ID: 1076064

16. That the state fair is the BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE.

ID: 1076072

17. Why ranch dressing is pristine nectar of the gods.

ID: 1076091

18. That Cedar Point is pure paradise on earth.

ID: 1076120

19. That people can be nice without wanting something in return.

ID: 1078624

20. Why pre-tornado sky actually *is* interesting to talk about.

ID: 1077556

21. That saying “needs fixed” or “needs cut” is perfectly acceptable, grammatically speaking, and that’s the end of that discussion.

ID: 1076159

22. That fried cheese curds are a beautiful food.

ID: 1076177

23. That fireflies are what make summer, summer.

ID: 1076344

24. Oh, and bug zappers.

ID: 1076781

25. That cottonwood fluff is pretty but will make you sneeze.

ID: 1076514

26. That puppy chow is actually quite delicious.

ID: 1076623

27. That interstate competition is fierce and NO JOKE.

ID: 1077509

28. That 40 degrees is perfectly fine shorts weather.

ID: 1078621

29. That this T-shirt speaks the irrefutable, God-ordained truth.

ID: 1077549

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