27 Undeniable Signs You Were A Dance Kid

Was there a law that every recital costume had to have sequins?

1. The phrase “let’s go across the floor” still fills you with fear.

ID: 1201408

2. You cut holes in all your regular tights to make them convertible.

ID: 1205356

3. You subconsciously practiced your tap moves in public places when your mom dragged you on boring errands…

ID: 1207327

4. And your fouettes at the airport.

ID: 1207449

5. There’s a photo like this hanging somewhere in your parents house.

ID: 1209615

6. You went through so many cans of hairspray making these.

ID: 1210240

7. This is what your closet looked like, and still kinda looks like.

I mean, you can’t just THROW THEM OUT, right?!

ID: 1209633

8. You’re not above eating on the floor, because that’s what you had to do backstage.

ID: 1209673

9. Glamour? Please, you know all about that.

ID: 1209842

10. Same goes for bling.

ID: 1209691

11. You know there’s really nothing hotter than a guy in tights.

Quim Llenas / Getty Images
ID: 1210135

12. You had a weird crush on Peter Gallagher in “Center Stage.”

ID: 1210031

13. You owned a pair of fishnets at a young age.

ID: 1209710

14. You also owned fake glitter eyelashes.

ID: 1209927

15. You mastered the art of changing into your dance outfit in the back of your mom’s car.

ID: 1210173

16. You and your friends would choreograph dances after school “for fun.”

But it really was fun, actually.

ID: 1209705

17. You know how to break in pointe shoes, and you know that it’s spelled “POINTE.”

ID: 1209730

18. Getting a run in your tights is so NBD.

ID: 1209752

19. You recognize all of these designer names.

ID: 1209789

20. This doesn’t seem like a silly photo to you.

ID: 1209817

21. Neither does this.

ID: 1209823

22. You worked on your tendus while waiting in the grocery store line.

ID: 1210193

23. You know this is an acceptable conversation starter.

ID: 1209885

24. Working in groups is a skill you’ve absolutely mastered.

ID: 1209895

25. This is something you know to be EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

ID: 1209931

26. It took three of these to get all the makeup off your face after a recital.

ID: 1210228

27. And even though you’re ancient by dancer standards now, you still fantasize about being a ballerina someday.

ID: 1210263

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