23 Problems Only Yoga People Understand

I’m just here for the savasana.

1. Dripping sweat onto your mat during a tough class, rendering it a Slip ‘n’ Slide.

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2. Falling flat on your face during crow pose. (Ouch!)

ID: 1560184

3. When your mat starts doing this:

ID: 1560350

4. Having Lululemon tastes on a Target workout-section budget.

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5. Feeling gross about how sweaty you are when your teacher touches you during an adjustment.

(Although you shouldn’t — they’re used to it!)

ID: 1560212

6. Getting to class late and having nowhere to put your mat.

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7. Falling asleep during savasana.

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8. Getting distracted by that cute person in front of you in their cute yoga outfit.

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9. Wobbling during Ardha Chandrasana.

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10. Forgetting the Sanskrit names for asanas sometimes.

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11. The outrageous stank of that one person who always shows up with terrible BO and unfurls their mat next to yours.

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12. Handstands AWAY FROM THE WALL.

ID: 1560362

13. Tight hips.

ID: 1560338

14. Forgetting your towel during hot yoga.

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15. Trying to square your hips in warrior one.

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16. Carrying your mat around all day, especially on a crowded subway or train.

ID: 1560372

17. Foot cramps, which are legitimately the worst.

The pain is so acute, you usually have to stop your asanas for a few minutes.

ID: 1560266

18. Getting to class and your teacher’s like, “Surprise! We’re going to be doing partner yoga today, so pair up with a random stranger.”

ID: 1560337

19. That one pose that you can just never get yourself to do.

ID: 1560286

20. Getting the giggles during lion pose.

ID: 1560301

21. When the teacher plays John Mayer during restorative poses and you’re like, “Really?”

ID: 1560352

22. Comparing yourself to other people, even though you know you shouldn’t.

ID: 1560317

23. Wanting to go to yoga every day, because your practice is such a blessing.

(And thus knowing that none of these are “real” problems.)

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