21 True Struggles Of Floridians Who Move Out Of State

Why is this rain lasting ALL DAY???

1. Not having literally any winter clothes.

ID: 1635065

2. Or even a coat.

ID: 1635080

3. A soul-crushing lack of Publixes.

(Unless you’re fortunate enough to have moved to a Publix-boasting state, in which case, VAYA CON DIOS.)

ID: 1635090

4. Learning to do your hair in a non-95% humidity environment.

ID: 1635135

5. Disney is no longer a three-hour car ride away.

ID: 1635179


Florida grass


Grass everywhere else


ID: 1635701

7. Buying these for the first time.

ID: 1635810

8. Cuban coffee is just NOT the same.

ID: 1635210

9. And these are much harder to find. :(

ID: 1635278

10. Adjusting to real seasons, not just “hot” and “slightly less hot.”

ID: 1635742

11. Parallel parking is actually a thing you have to do now.

ID: 1635756

12. Everyone asking why you don’t have a Southern accent if you’re from the South.

Some of us do! But most of us do not.

ID: 1635306

13. Having huge stashes of shorts that you can only wear three months of the year now.

ID: 1635685

14. Not being able to jump in a backyard pool any time you want.

ID: 1635478

15. Hearing people freak out about Category 1 or Category 2 hurricanes.

ID: 1635512

16. Missing out on Christmas at the beach.

ID: 1635620

17. Gasping when you see a wild deer or bunny because we’re used to ducks and lizards.

ID: 1635646

18. Rain lasts all day, not just for 10 minutes around 3 p.m.

ID: 1635725

19. Apartments don’t just automatically come with central air-conditioning anymore…

ID: 1635771

20. …or ceiling fans!

*Ceiling fans are amazing and should be mandatory in every apartment and house in the U.S.A.

ID: 1635798

21. People constantly asking you why Florida is full of crazy people.

ID: 1635713

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