21 Things Introverts Love

“It was a great weekend. I didn’t have to talk to ANYONE.”

1. A long stretch of weekend time with no official plans.

I can read my book without constantly checking the clock!

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2. When parties are canceled.

Netflix, here I come!

ID: 2105286

3. Hanging out all day with only your pet.

ILU, silence.

ID: 2105190

4. The relief you feel when you don’t have any plans after work.

ID: 2105331

5. When you can email or IM a company for customer service instead of calling.


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6. Going to the beach by yourself.

ID: 2105178

7. Ignoring your phone for awhile.

Sometimes you’re just out of the energy to deal with all those texts and emails.

ID: 2105282

8. …but pretending to text during awkward alone moments at parties.


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9. When your school project isn’t a group one.

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10. Having the hobbies and bedtime of a senior citizen.

You’re an old soul, and that’s OK.

ID: 2105422

11. Shopping alone.

Because shopping with friends is SO stressful. (They make you more inclined to buy things you don’t need; you’re always worried about who’s bored and who’s having fun; you have to try on everything in front of them.)

ID: 2105195

12. Having a quiet drink at home with your partner instead of going to a loud bar.

Because you can actually have a conversation!

ID: 2105201

13. Driving solo for long periods of time.

You can get so much thinking done and blast whatever kind of music you choose.

ID: 2105230

14. Recharging after a long stretch of socializing.

ID: 2105369

15. Wishing you could actually say this to everyone.

ID: 2105375

16. Turning down annoying invitations.

ID: 2105372

17. Actively avoiding icebreaker games, because they’re the WORST.

ID: 2105403

18. Meeting someone else who hates small talk.

“So, how many siblings do you ha — yeah, I can’t do this.”

ID: 2105411

19. Writing.

Because it’s so much easier for you to process your thoughts by writing them down than by speaking them.

ID: 2105420

20. Cherishing your small group of close friends, as opposed to trying to maintain a huge circle of acquaintances.

ID: 2105426

21. Being patient with your own thoughts.

ID: 2105386

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