13 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About “The Price Is Right”

Including at least one “come on down!” wardrobe malfunction.

1. Vanna White was once a contestant, although she didn’t make it up on stage.

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2. The wheel was added to the show in 1975.

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3. Bob Barker grew up on a reservation in South Dakota and is an official member of the Sioux tribe.

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4. The very first one-bid prize was a fur coat. Furs were not offered as prizes since that episode, due to Bob Barker’s strong belief in animal rights.

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5. The show discourages contestants from wearing green shirts because some games use chroma key screens, which can blend into a contestant’s shirt.

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6. There was once a “Price is Right” wardrobe malfunction.

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7. The Big Wheel can BREAK.

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8. “Pick A Number,” probably the most boring game on the show, requires the contestant to pick a number to fill in a blank spot in the price of the prize they’re playing for. Zzzzz.

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9. One time Snoop Lion — née Dogg — played Plinko, and it was awesome.

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10. 74 games are currently rotated on the show. (32 have been retired.)

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11. The producers select the contestants based solely on their answers to three questions: your name, where you are from, what you do.

Don’t be an introvert!

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12. One guy got famous by bidding $420 on every prize.

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13. The first car offered on the show, a 1972 Chevy Vega, went for $2,746.

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