13 Thanksgiving Dad Jokes You’re Going To Need This Weekend

Show these to your kids/cousins/nieces and nephews this holiday. Unless you’re too busy cracking up yourself, because comedy doesn’t get better than THIS.

1. Why did the band hire a turkey as a drummer?

3. Q: Why did the turkey get kicked out of the sports stadium for unruly behavior?

(h/t Kevin Roose)

4. If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?

5. Q: What’s the key to a great Thanksgiving dinner?

6. Q: What do you get if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter?

7. Q: What do you wear to Thanksgiving dinner?

8. Q: What’s the best way to stuff a turkey?

9. Q: Why was the Thanksgiving soup so expensive?

10. Q: Why can’t you take a turkey to church?

11. Q: What kind of music do pilgrims like?

12. Q: Why do pilgrims’ pants always fall down?

13. Q: What did the turkey say to the computer?

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