30 Maps That Are Missing From Your Life

You think you know the world? These maps will blow open your understanding of the globe.

1. Here’s the world as seen through breast size.

ID: 1729479

2. For fairness’ sake, here is the world as seen through penis size.

ID: 1730097

3. Ever wonder how closely McDonald’s was packed?

ID: 1723624

4. Here is a map showing the totality of internet connections in December 1969.

ID: 1723635

5. And here are the number of internet users today.

ID: 1723565

6. The world as seen through Facebook use in 2010.

ID: 1725493

7. Twitter’s take on the world.

ID: 1726051

8. Here’s the connected world of unrestricted internet.

Reporters Without Borders / Via labnol.org
ID: 1726145

9. The blue marks where the English version of Wikipedia is the most used version.

ID: 1723578

10. Here’s a map of the percentage of people believing in God in Europe.

ID: 1723607

11. And here is the number of people who have self-identified as followers of the Jedi religion in the U.K.

ID: 1724876

12. Here’s a classic map of the world from 1531.

ID: 1729875

13. This map equates the GDP of countries to specific U.S. cities.

ID: 1723838

14. Here’s a map depicting every country Che Guevara has lived in or visited. The rifles depict where he started revolutions.

ID: 1723777

15. And this map displays any country that was at one time under communist rule.

ID: 1723471

16. This map shows the frequency of lightning strikes throughout the world.

ID: 1729807

17. This is a map showing the number of skyscrapers in every country.

ID: 1723555

18. Here is the U.S. interstate system reimagined as a subway map.

ID: 1725627

19. Here’s what high-speed rail travel could look like in a few years.

ID: 1723667

20. And here is the current depiction of air traffic over a 24-hour period.

ID: 1723754

21. A map showing the leftover fallout in the U.S. from nuclear testing in Nevada between 1951–1962.

ID: 1723860

22. Here’s a map showing everywhere the U.K. has colonized at some point.

ID: 1725875

23. Here’s a map of the world’s earthquakes, outlining the planet’s faults.

ID: 1725054

24. Are you happy?

ID: 1725084

25. Here’s a map showing the world if it were divided evenly into color-coded areas of equal population.

ID: 1725214

26. Pirates perhaps remain a bigger problem than you imagined.

ID: 1725266

27. Here’s a map showing the world’s favorite types of alcohol.

ID: 1729495

28. And this map shows how much the world drinks.

ID: 1725030

29. Here’s a map for those curious about the average age of people losing their virginity.

ID: 1725326

30. And most importantly, a handy guide to knowing where to find your favorite Disney stars.

ID: 1724985

For those dying to see even more maps, this video will treat you to another 42 maps with explanations.

vlogbrothers / Via youtube.com
ID: 1725411

For even more map porn, you can go here and here.

ID: 1729770

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