27 Pictures That Will Change The Way You Look At The World

Throw out your globe. We’ve got some explaining to do.

1. Pangea with modern political borders:

ID: 1504480

2. What the United States looks like overlaid on the Moon:

boredboarder8 / Via
ID: 1504823

3. The population sphere:

Valerie Pieris / Via
ID: 1502459

4. What the United Kingdom looks like in comparison with Texas:

ID: 1505416

5. And over Russia:

ID: 1505422

6. The actual size of Africa:

ID: 1505414

7. The Pacific Ocean as seen from space:

ID: 1505408

8. The world inverted:

ID: 1507556

9. And the standard world map flipped upside down:

ID: 1507651

10. The highlighted area is where 2% of the population of Australia live:

e8odie / Via
ID: 1505027

11. If the largest countries had the biggest populations:

ID: 1507819

12. The world map adjusted for population size (one square = one million people):

This map is from 2005.

ID: 1507942

13. Individual U.S. states laid onto similar-sized European countries:

Richard Kegler / Via
ID: 1507962

14. Countries with Netflix:

Very important.

ID: 1507993

15. Places on Earth where you can dig a massive hole and not end up in the water:

ID: 1508009

16. Only a million people live north of this line:

ID: 1508018

17. What Europe looked like 8,200 years ago:

ID: 1508054

18. Antarctica laid over the United States:

ID: 1508061

19. What would happen if every country with a coastline sank:

ID: 1508078

20. What the world would look like if all the separatists won:

ID: 1508081

21. The earth’s vegetation:

ID: 1509206

22. What the world’s oceans would look like if the world stopped spinning:

universal_cynic / Via
ID: 1508131

23. Which countries drive on what side of the road:

ID: 1508181

24. A map of all the red-haired people in Europe:

ID: 1508201

25. Alaska compared to the rest of the continental United States:

ID: 1508353

26. Countries where if you’re born in them, you become a citizen:

ID: 1508460

27. And the population of the United States in units of Canadas:

ID: 1505321

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