Meet The New Species Named After A Harry Potter Creature

No, sadly it’s not a Pygmy Puff.

1. A new species of cockroach wasp has been named Ampulex dementor, after public voting at the Museum of Natural History in Berlin.

ID: 2906387

2. The wasps were named after Dementors because of their tendency to paralyze their prey before eating it.

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3. The researchers said: “The Dementor’s fictional behaviour and effects reminded us of the effect of the stinging behaviour of Ampulex on the behaviour of its cockroach prey”.

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4. The museum has said that involving the public in naming species helps to get them interested in biodiversity and its discovery.

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5. Museum visitors were given four names from which they could choose their favourite.

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6. Better start working on your Patronus!

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Read the full paper here.

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