33 Photos That Prove The Northern Territory Is Like Nowhere Else On Earth

It’s time to discover the Top End.

1. There’s a huge and beautiful rock in the middle of the desert.

ID: 3113457

2. In fact, there are amazing rock formations all over the place that you’d never see anywhere else.

ID: 3113473

3. Including one which looks like a giant toothbrush.

ID: 3113480

4. Don’t forget the Devil’s Marbles.

Flickr: andy_tyler / Creative Commons
ID: 3113517

5. And Kata Tjuta.

upload.wikimedia.org(February_2004).jpg / Creative Commons
ID: 3113503

6. But it’s not all rocks and red dust.

Flickr: alexhealing / Creative Commons
ID: 3113782

7. There is some interesting flora to be found in the NT.

Flickr: alexhealing / Creative Commons
ID: 3121931

8. It looks amazing from the sky.

ID: 3113411

9. You can go for hundreds of kilometres without seeing anybody.

ID: 3113458

10. So there are plenty of isolated places for skinny dipping.

ID: 3113414

11. There’s a diverse range of friendly wildlife.

ID: 3113469

12. And some not so friendly.

ID: 3113471

13. But of course, some very unique creatures.

commons.wikimedia.org / Creative Commons
ID: 3113521

14. And some you mightn’t expect.

Flickr: pldms / Creative Commons
ID: 3113785

15. Some little…

Flickr: alexhealing / Creative Commons
ID: 3121906

16. And some you can’t miss.

ID: 3121909

17. The skies are unnaturally blue.

ID: 3113484

18. Especially set against the red rock.

ID: 3113486

19. The occasional clouds only add to the beauty.

Flickr: steve_shattuck / Creative Commons
ID: 3121914

20. Particularly at sunset.

Flickr: graeme / Creative Commons
ID: 3121917

21. The sunsets themselves are ridiculously photogenic.

Flickr: 9512940@N08 / Creative Commons
ID: 3113483

22. Seriously? This is a real place?

Flickr: spaceodissey / Creative Commons
ID: 3113491

23. Though the real magic begins when the sun goes down.

Flickr: psym / Creative Commons
ID: 3113710

24. The lack of light pollution makes for amazing night skies.

Flickr: jeffowenphoto / Creative Commons
ID: 3113713

25. The beaches are spectacular and never crowded.

Flickr: davespencer / Creative Commons
ID: 3113616

26. Or there’s rivers to swim in if you’d prefer.

Flickr: jwbenwell / Creative Commons
ID: 3121707

27. Also waterfalls…

upload.wikimedia.org / Creative Commons
ID: 3113667

28. Waterholes…

upload.wikimedia.org / Creative Commons
ID: 3113669

29. And plenty of other places to cool off.

en.wikipedia.org / Creative Commons
ID: 3113611

30. There is amazing art, some of which predates European settlement.

Flickr: jwbenwell / Creative Commons
ID: 3113723

31. The sand in the desert is like none you’ve ever seen before.

Flickr: 30606801@N02 / Creative Commons
ID: 3121573

32. The red colour comes from iron oxide particles.

Flickr: spaceodissey / Creative Commons
ID: 3121653

33. The Northern Territory truly is a magnificent place.

Flickr: spaceodissey / Creative Commons
ID: 3121696

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Jemima Skelley is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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