19 Australian Coffee Shops You Need To Visit Before You Die

We sure know how to do a good coffee down here.

1. Coffee Alchemy, Sydney

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This cafe in Marrickville will draw you in from the street with its heady smells of fresh coffee. They roast their beans on site, and you can buy some to take home and try to recreate their baristas’ perfect cup of coffee.

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2. Single Origin Roasters, Sydney

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Surry Hills is rife with amazing coffee shops, but Single Origin has to be one of the best. Though the small space can often be pretty packed, particularly on weekends, it is worth battling the crowds of hipsters to taste their freshly roasted coffee.

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3. The Purple Moose, Sydney

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Alexandria is home to a few rising stars on the Sydney coffee scene lately, and The Purple Moose is no exception. Sip your lattes under the watchful eye of their eponymous purple mascot while you munch on a fresh muffin or gourmet sandwich.

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4. Proud Mary Coffee Roasters, Collingwood

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Proud Mary is one of those cafes which can be a little overwhelming due to the sheer number of coffee varieties on their menu. To their credit, they manage to get away with it without seeming like pretentious knobs, which can certainly be difficult. Also their coffee is simply amazing.

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5. Twenty & Six Espresso, North Melbourne

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As well as Twenty & Six’s delicious coffees, they have an extensive tea list as well, if thats more your… cup of tea (ha). The cafe itself has a great feel, probably because it’s owned by an interior designer. Their breakfasts are beyond perfection as well.

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6. Hardware Societe, Melbourne

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To be honest, the name of this cafe hints at it being a hipsters’ paradise. But it’s actually a lovely little cafe tucked away on Hardware Lane, serving up perfectly brewed coffee and amazingly crafted breakfasts. A great place for a pre-work brekky meeting, or a place to eat away your hangover.

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7. PURE Boutique Coffee Bar, Adelaide

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PURE automatically gets bonus points because it doubles as a bar at night. This airy cafe in Glenelg serves up different blends from around the world, and they have a delicious selection of pastries and cakes to boot.

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8. Please Say Please, Adelaide

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Please Say Please is a tiny cafe amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, with an adorable name to go along with it. Their superb coffee is obviously the main drawcard, but their rotation of funny chalkboard signs will keep you going back.

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9. Bar 9, Adelaide

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Bar 9 is the perfect place to spend a lazy weekend morning. The coffee is of a superb quality, and their brunch menu will have you coming back every chance you get. Mix that with their great service and atmosphere, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

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10. Epic Espresso, West Perth

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Epic Espresso is on a self-proclaimed mission to be WA’s “ultimate espresso bar”, but many would assure you that it already is well on its way. Their baristas are at the top of their game, delivering perfect coffee each time you visit. They’ve even got a barista school if you want to test out your talents behind the machine.

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11. Architects & Heroes, Subiaco

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Architects and Heroes is a coffee mecca in Subiaco, which isn’t usually the first place you’d go for a decent brew. Its one of those rare Perth cafes which is cool without trying too hard. Coffee and teas aside, their breakfast and lunch menus are also outstanding.

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12. La Veen Coffee, Perth City

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When you first walk in, you’ll notice the giant espresso machine straight away. You’ll soon discover that it’s not all for show and it churns out some amazing tasting coffees. The ever-changing food menu reflects what is in season at the time, and is almost as good as their espresso.

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13. Jam Jar Lounge, Hobart

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This little cafe in Battery Point is all about fresh seasonal produce and great coffee. Their airy courtyard is dog-friendly, so bring your pooch along to enjoy the sunshine and delicious breakfast menu.

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14. Boatshed Coffee House, Darwin

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This cafe at Cullen Bay is right on the water, giving you perfect views and fresh breezes while you enjoy your state-of-the-art coffee. A visit isn’t complete without sampling their extravagant big breakfast.

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15. Lamkin Lane Espresso, Caloundra

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By far the best coffee on the Sunshine Coast, Lamkin Lane espresso has wonderful baristas who wont fall short of even the highest expectations. It mightn’t be what you’d expect to find in Caloundra, but you’ll want to go back there once you try their coffee.

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16. Dandelions & Driftwood, Brisbane

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This sweet cafe in Hendra with a white picket fence and fresh flowers on the tables offers an extensive and unique list of coffees. You can expect your coffee to come with a little card explaining the origin of the blend and different ‘notes’ to look out for when you taste it. And the tea garden in the back is just delightful.

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17. No Name Lane, Gold Coast

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This Broadbeach cafe is just too damn hipster to have something as common as a name. The subtle and understated wood decor matches its no-nonsense name, and lets the coffee speak for itself. The coffee is by far the best you can get in the area and their extensive menu won’t leave you hungry.

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18. Lonsdale St. Roasters, Canberra

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This cafe in Braddon is the kind of place where you could spend all afternoon without even realising. Very trendy, with delicious toasties, they roast their own beans on site and have a very unique feel which stands out from the usual vanilla cafes of Canberra.

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19. Good Brother Cafe, Canberra

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Hands down, this Dickson cafe has the best bacon and egg roll in Canberra. That aside, their coffee is brilliant, and has a great relaxed vibe. Look past the hipster nonsense (like their billboard that claims: “Good Brother created coffee culture”) and you’ll really enjoy yourself.

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Did we miss anything? Add your favourite in the comments below!

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