The "Orange Is The New Black" Cast Is Already Filming Season 3 And They’re As Adorable As Ever

So much Soso.

1. Yes, waiting a year for more Orange Is the New Black is torturous.

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2. But there is good news! The cast and crew are already working on the show’s third season!

Netflix / Via pedestrian.tv
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3. The trailers are all lined up…

Courtesy of Jessica Pimentel (Ruiz)

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4. And the ladies of Orange Is the New Black are really excited to step into their Litchfield roles again.

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7. And they are taking a lot of trailer selfies. Here is Pimentel in hers.

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8. And a faceless Dascha Polanco (Daya) in hers.

But we’ll be seeing a lot more of her because Polanco was promoted to series regular for Season 3!

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9. And here’s Danielle Brooks (Taystee), courtesy of Yael Stone (Morello).

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10. Of course Kimiko Glenn (Soso) eats an avocado on her way to set with Emma Myles (Leanne) and Julie Lake (Angie).


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11. And everyone is just happy to be together again!

Top row, from left: Glenn (Soso), Laura Gomez (Flores), Joel Marsh Garland (CO O’Neill), Pimentel (Ruiz), Diane Guerrero (Maritza). Bottom row: Lolita Foster (CO Maxwell)

ID: 3212624

12. Matt McGorry (Bennett), Brooks, and Taryn Manning (Pennsatucky) keep it gangsta.

Look at these crazy kids... @thedanieb @MattMcGorry love our cast

— tarynmanning (@TarynManning)
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13. Jackie Cruz (Flaca) and Big Boo (Lea DeLaria) take a very hipster selfie.

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14. Though life in Litchfield can be exhausting…

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15. Thankfully, there’s some time to play too.

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