Hayden Panettiere Brings The Friendly Giant To Oktoberfest

Hayden Panettiere hangs on to Gigantor boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko as they make their way through the crowds at Oktoberfest in Germany. He’s about 6’6″ and she’s like 4’11″ so you can imagine how awkward things can get for them in ‘certain’ situations. And by certain situations you know I’m talking sex, right? And if all things are ‘proportional’ aye carumba is all I can muster right now. Wladimir could totally carry Hayden around in his pant pocket she’s so tiny. And carrying her around would be like you and I carrying around our set of keys. But it’s really nice that he holds the umbrella over himself only, huh? Nice. Her rack looks really nice in that outfit, doesn’t it? Pictures after the break

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