21 Terrible Knock-Off Action Figures

They might not be officially licensed toys, but they’re probably a lot cheaper!

1. Specialman!

Sure looks special.

ID: 657001

2. Spader-Man!

He was bitten by a radioactive spader.

ID: 657004

3. Superheroic Man!

Cool horse, bro.

ID: 657016

4. Super-Hero!

Batman vs. Spider-Man!?!

ID: 657021

5. Planet Girl!

But which planet?

ID: 657034

6. Mavel Team Up!

Two things. 1) You meant “Marvel,” right? and 2) Batman and Superman aren’t “Marvel.” They’re not even “Mavel.”

ID: 657576

7. Gao Ranger Dino Thunder!

So confused.

ID: 657031

8. Pocket Monica! Jump-Jupm Chess?

Monica was always my favorite.

ID: 657084

9. Pet’s Little Intelligent Spirit!

Children: Please Go To Collect The LITTLE SMART SPIRIT! Please.

ID: 657555

10. Robots Spacebot!

That sword kind of reminds me of a light saber…

ID: 657106

11. Spider-Man!

Come on enjoy the pleasure together!

ID: 657114

12. Super Heroes!

You’re supposed to collect them all, but they all look the same…

ID: 657118

13. Batichica!

She looks sad. :(

ID: 657426

14. Space Wars!

I see what you did there.

ID: 657420

15. Star Raiders!

Cute bow, btw.

ID: 657432

16. Space Boys!

The third Space Boys was the best one.

ID: 657559

17. Politic Pat!

It’s something political we can all agree on.

ID: 657668

18. Titanic-Bot Transformable!

My heart will go on.

ID: 657026

19. Superman Big Alliance!

Superman isn’t actually in the Superman Big Alliance, but Shrek is.

ID: 657583

20. Blandness Girl!


ID: 657591

21. Transformable Tomas!

Don’t mess.

ID: 657124

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