19 Signs You’re Definitely Eric Forman From "That ’70s Show"

Other than being a dumbass.

1. You’re nerdy beyond belief.

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2. You always know exactly what you need.

3. Dancing is your true passion.

4. You sometimes have trouble in serious situations.

5. Being weird is what you do best.

6. You like to think of yourself as an idea man.

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7. Sarcasm is like your second language.

8. Keeping things quiet isn’t really a problem for you.

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9. Food is your absolute favorite thing.

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10. You and your best friend have the same brain.

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11. Strength has never been one of your attributes.

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12. You know your worth.

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13. Halloween is by far your favorite holiday.

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14. You desperately need your private time.

15. Some things about your face could be a little better.

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16. Your life always has a few problems.

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17. Making fun of people is arguably your favorite hobby.

18. And relationships aren’t exactly your strong suit.

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19. But you end up with the perfect person anyway.


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