17 Reasons Nick Miller From “New Girl” Would Be The Best Best Friend

Yes, it is perfectly fine to watch TV all day.

1. He makes great innuendoes.

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2. He’s honest with himself.

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3. He isn’t overly complicated.

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4. He’s the master of pep talks.

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5. He’s even more awesome drunk.

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6. He has a great sense of style.

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7. He’s an old soul.

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8. He speaks the truth.

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9. He makes the most of awkward situations.

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10. He could teach you how to flirt.

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11. He’s very realistic.

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ID: 3638197

12. He’s (somewhat) accomplished.

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13. He doesn’t need tons of attention.

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ID: 3638222

14. He’d support all your stupid ideas.

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ID: 3638240

15. You’re guaranteed to be a better dancer.

ID: 3638248

16. He’s all for bad decisions.

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ID: 3638262

17. And he is just as messed up as you are.

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