15 Reasons Ben Wyatt From “Parks And Recreation” Is Perfect

Leslie is one lucky woman.

1. He’s wonderfully brave.

ID: 3588452

2. He is a totally adorable drunk.

ID: 3588426

3. He certainly knows how to smack talk.

ID: 3588438

4. He can really rock a stache.

ID: 3588570

5. He’s hopelessly clever.

ID: 3588430

6. He’s an awesome dancer.

NBC / Via twitpic.com
ID: 3588557

7. He’s an animal person.

NBC / Via imgfave.com
ID: 3588611

8. He knows his limits.

ID: 3588537

9. He’s a gourmet chef.

ID: 3588445

10. He has been humiliated a few times.

ID: 3588566

11. He’s great at math.

ID: 3588562

12. He looks super hot in shades.

ID: 3588615

13. He’s accomplished so much.

ID: 3588605

14. He was a nerd before it was cool.

ID: 3588571

15. And finally, he really knows how make an exit.


ID: 3588625

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