15 Problems All People With ADHD Know To Be True

I’m trying to focus over here!

1. Working without complete silence is almost impossible.

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2. You have about 5,000 projects always on your minds.

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3. In school, having a double period was the death of you.

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4. And homework always took you twice as long.

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5. When you actually can focus, any distraction makes you furious.

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6. You’re constantly being told to calm down.

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7. If you’re working, your mind is on having fun.

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8. If you’re having fun, your mind is on work.

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9. Trying to be productive while music’s playing is virtually impossible.

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10. When you’re on your meds, food never crosses your mind.

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11. But when they wear off, you can’t do anything but eat.

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12. Watching a three hour movie can be seriously difficult.

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13. You constantly get asked if you’re lying just for the meds.

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14. Somehow, you always forget to do something important.

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15. And you’re incapable of looking at ONE thing at a time.

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