25 Reasons Rihanna Is The King Of Instagram Replies

No one keeps it realer than Riri on Instagram. Thanks to RIHplies, we can keep up with it all.

In case you didn’t know, Rihanna is — like in every area of life — a boss ass bitch when it comes to Instagram. In fact, there’s an account dedicated to collecting all of Rihanna’s replies (RIHplies, get it?!?!).

Here is but a sampling of Rihanna’s flawless Instagram game:

ID: 2278327

1. She speaks the truth.

ID: 2273264

2. She is legitimately hilarious.

ID: 2273272

3. Like, inappropriately hilarious.

ID: 2273469

4. She may stylize her words but she has no patience for these basic spelling mistakes.

ID: 2273471

5. She’s not afraid to call you out.

ID: 2273475

6. At. All.

ID: 2273479

7. She knows her good side. (Even though we all know she’s flawless).

ID: 2273482

8. She lets us in on some intimate details.

ID: 2273492

9. She randomly gives out fashion advice and it’s always on point.

ID: 2273499

10. And she always customizes her advice to your needs.

ID: 2273657

11. She shares some laughs.

ID: 2273527

12. She looks out for her fans.

ID: 2273567

13. She is a master gift-wrapper.

ID: 2273638

14. She’s a fashion icon.

ID: 2273709

15. She’s makes the best out of some bad situations.

ID: 2273806

16. She knows a good tweet when she sees one.

ID: 2273906

17. She is an astute observer.

ID: 2273994

18. She gets off like the best of us.

ID: 2274419

19. She feels all of the feels with her fans and it’s a beautiful thing.

ID: 2274790

20. She gave us the only spelling of YOLO we need.

ID: 2274732

21. She shares her beautiful family with us (and is not here for your ignorance).

ID: 2278486

22. She will always let a hater know how she really feels.

ID: 2278512

23. And she has the greatest comebacks.

ID: 2273633

24. She reminds women not to apologize for their success.

ID: 2273884

25. And basically owns being THE SHADE QUEEN.

ID: 2274039

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