37 Signs You’re Owning This Whole Being Broke Thing

No shame in the broke game.

1. You’ve developed a sophisticated palate.

ID: 1180166

2. And an equally sophisticated sense of fashion.

ID: 1180040

This is the closest you’ll ever get to a designer T-shirt.

ID: 1185854

3. You holla for the Dolla Tree.

ID: 1185858

4. You know your limits.

ID: 1180207

5. You see opportunities where others may not.

ID: 1180161

6. In college, you pledged the esteemed Greek organization Broke Phi Broke.

The alumni include such luminaries as Kanye West.

ID: 1186297

7. You had a love/hate relationship with the financial aid office.

ID: 1193512

8. You found ways to avoid buying textbooks.

ID: 1180154

9. You’re always scouting for freebies.

ID: 1180170

10. You’ve learned how to be resourceful.

ID: 1180107

11. And get real creative with home improvement.

ID: 1180113

12. You are the king of making things stretch.

ID: 1180110

13. Seriously, you should win some type of medal for your craftiness.

ID: 1180148

14. You’re a goddamn genius!

ID: 1180149

15. Under no circumstances do you splurge if it can be avoided.

ID: 1185863

16. Yet somehow you manage to go out…

ID: 1180050

17. …because you’re smart about it.

ID: 1180163

18. You can fully appreciate how glorious this moment is.

ID: 1180133

19. You’re great at being self-reliant.

ID: 1180157

20. You’ve done actual math to figure out the cheapest way to get drunk.

(1oz./ABV%)x(cost per unit/ounces per unit) = YOUR SATURDAY NIGHT!

ID: 1185867

21. And some scientific(?) research…

ID: 1180158

22. You know this moment so, so well.

ID: 1180048

23. Also, LOL what are “savings”??

Art by Sarah L.

ID: 1187266

24. You live life on the edge.

Art by Ginger Haze.

ID: 1180173

25. You know you’re broke, but you also know the difference between being thrifty and being crazy.

ID: 1185875

26. You’ve developed a great sense of humor.

ID: 1185847

27. You go to great lengths to save a buck:

ID: 1185848

28. You dream about this day.

ID: 1180167

29. You don’t have a smartphone but you’re smart with your phone:

ID: 1185851

30. Every payday is a national holiday.

ID: 1193553

31. You’re thinking about selling that wine rack your bougie friend got you.

So you can use the money for more Franzia (It comes with its own stand!).

ID: 1185871

32. You don’t need to exercise, because your heart rate goes up every time you check your bank account.

ID: 1193533

33. Your vacations are memorable for different reasons.

ID: 1185869

34. You’re so used to shit breaking, you just accept it when it happens.

ID: 1185888

35. This is how your nonbroke friends look when they say they don’t have money to buy things:

“I don’t even own a desk, dude!”

ID: 1185893

36. You’re the OG thrifter.

ID: 1185844

37. And you’ll never forget the No. 1 rule of the broke commandments:

ID: 1193541

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