20 Photos Of Michelle Obama Doing Things With Celebrities

Hugging, mostly.

Michelle Obama presented Taylor Swift with an award at the Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday, allowing the pair to pose for some choice photo-ops which subsequently caused a storm of OMGs across the internet. But it was hardly the first time!

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1. Hugging Taylor Swift.

ID: 203816

2. Dancing with Jada Smith.

Pool / Getty Images
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3. Smiling with Maria Shriver.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
ID: 203743

4. Hugging Alicia Keys.

Alex Wong / Getty Images
ID: 203814

5. Shaking hands with a slimy Taylor Lautner. (Lack of hug excused).

ID: 203732

6. Dining with George Clooney.

ID: 203737

7. Talking real talk with Fran Drescher and Sheryl Crow.

Kevin Lamarque / Reuters
ID: 203753

8. Playing tug-o-war with Jimmy Fallon.

HANDOUT / Reuters
ID: 203756

9. Hugging Will Smith.

Michael Buckner / Getty Images
ID: 203759

10. Singing with Carson Daly.

Mark Wilson / Getty Images
ID: 203760

11. Singing and dancing with Bruce Springsteen.

ID: 203764

12. Playing catch with Grant Hill and Billie Jean King.

Evan Vucci / AP
ID: 203769

13. Hugging Aretha Franklin.

MANDEL NGAN / Getty Images
ID: 203775

14. Hugging Harry Connick Jr.

ID: 203782

15. Smirking with J.J. Abrams.

ROBYN BECK / Getty Images
ID: 203784

16. Hugging Spike Lee.

Kris Connor / Getty Images
ID: 203786

17. Hugging Mariah Carey. Also, hi Stevie Wonder!

Kris Connor / Getty Images
ID: 203787

18. Standing with Jay Leno.

ID: 203812

19. Hugging Oprah.

ID: 203860

20. Guest-starring on iCarly with Miranda Cosgrove.

ID: 203886

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