20 Cakes That Ruined Someone’s Birthday

Birthdays are a special time in a person’s life. Why not destroy that for someone with a terrible, terrible cake?

1. Naughty Spiderman

“Happy Birthday, Timmy! I thought it would make a great present if your mom and I RUINED your favorite cartoon in cake form!”

ID: 123101

3. This cake

Mmmm, thanks for the cake filled with washing machine liquid!

ID: 123108

4. Jonas Brothers cake

ID: 123076

5. Miley Cyrus cake

I really wouldn’t want to eat a cake that looked like it was screaming at me.

ID: 123074

6. Ronald Reagan

Reagan certainly splurged on this cake.

ID: 123153

7. 10001001

Somewhere, there was a glitch in the birthday cake matrix.

ID: 123095

8. Happy Bathday!

ID: 123104

9. Princess cake

A real cake for the princess who likes to keep it real.

ID: 123109

10. Pedo-cake

ID: 123111

11. Sincerity Cake

ID: 123154

12. Illiterate cake

ID: 123166

13. Yeah, it’s poop cake.

Thanks a lot for the worst birthday ever.

ID: 123119

14. Lil’ Wayne cake

Terrifyingly delicious.

ID: 123214

15. Kill one bird with 4 stones

ID: 123162

16. Dad cake

Either this is an inside joke…or this guy is a really terrible father.

ID: 123175

17. The “you’re old enough to know” cake

ID: 123196

18. Paris Hilton cake

The only thing worse than Paris Hilton is anything themed as “Paris Hilton”

ID: 123224

19. Emo cake

Tell your friend exactly how much you really care about them with this cake.

ID: 123204

20. Twilight Anime cake

I wish I could say this ruined someone’s birthday. But, it probably didn’t.

ID: 123216

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