17 Cooking Hacks You Can Learn In Just Six Seconds

Whether you’re a master chef or just want to heat up some leftovers, you can learn these kitchen tricks in no time at all.

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1. Make whipped cream in a water bottle.

Cream = hacked.

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2. Put a heart in your pancake.

Pancake = hacked.

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3. Make your bacon curly by dipping it in cold water before it goes in the pan.

Bacon = hacked.

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4. Barbeque a better burger by pressing a little dimple into it.

Burger = hacked.

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5. Julienne your basil.

Basil = julienned aka chopped fancy aka HACKED.

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6. Make grilled cheese in a frying pan.

Hack that grilled cheese. Hack it slow and hack it good.

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7. Get the stains out of your coffee pot using ice and salt.

Because cleaning is a part of cooking. Or coffee drinking. Shush. It’s a hack.

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8. Keep your cookbook open, clean and out of the way using a hanger.

Your cookbook just got hacked.

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9. Make delicious smores at home without an open fire.

You’ll never have to go camping again.

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10. Cooking with egg whites only? Separate your yolks using a plastic water bottle.

That’s all, yolks.

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11. Reheat old chips that won’t be soggy.

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12. Revive your leftover pizza in one of three ways. Number one: fry it upside-down in a pan.

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13. Two: Microwave a slice with a glass of water.

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14. Three: Heat it in a frying pan with a little tin foil hat.

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15. Save your leftover pasta in a way that won’t be sticky when you re-heat it later.

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16. Don’t waste the tiny remains of your Nutella jar! Make delicious hazelnut chocolate milk instead.

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17. Make an easy breakfast quiche using bacon instead of pastry crust.

Hack and enjoy!

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